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"I'll never lose again. We'll never lose again. We'll do whatever it takes, but we'll never be beaten again."

RP journal for PW-era Kazuhira Miller from Metal Gear.
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Backtagging: My life operates on backtags.
Threadhopping: Yes, especially for the lulz.
Fourthwalling: No.
Offensive subjects: None.
Hugging this character: Yeah, and he'll probably hug back, assuming he likes you.
Kissing/etc this character: Go for it, he's probably down. And although I don't take "Date with Kaz" as canon in any way since it's definitely intended as a joke, I do take the fact that he can go on a date with Snake as enough justification to play him as bisexual in general.
Fighting with this character: Sure, he likes a good brawl as well as more lethal combat. Be aware he fights dirty and will do anything to gain an advantage.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Go for it, it's all free game. Maybe let me know what's up before you amputate any major body parts.
Killing this character: Message me and we'll talk, because If he's truly cornered, there is a good chance he will attempt a suicide attack to take your character with him.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yep, feel free to message me if you need more details on his thoughts than what I've provided in brackets.
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, themes of racism and prejudice. He spent his childhood being called あいのこ and is unlikely cease identifying as that despite it being a pretty horrible word these days, so I guess that warrants a warning. And he is from 1974-- he's really forward-thinking/progressive in some ways, but he's still from 1974. Namely, he's bad about sexualizing women (while simultaneously respecting their skills and autonomy, somehow), knows nothing about trans people besides the stigma against them he's internalized, and tends to occasionally microaggress at Koreans and Chinese despite his own experiences with racism. I don't condone any of this, but I think it'd be worse to sanitize him and no play him with the biases that he would realistically have. Feel free to have your character call him on this.

Canonpoint is post-PW but pre-GZ (November 1974) unless stated otherwise on a meme. I'm including in Kaz the drama CD's depiction of canon events (Encounter + Sauna tracks, both of which are elaborations on tapes from PW), but not the more ridiculous ones. 
Like I said, I don't include "Date With Kaz" by default, but I sure can if you want to for a meme. Please tell me if you do, so I can have Kaz be appropriately awkward. Or flirty, depending.


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ミラー和平 (Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller)

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